Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inking with Files Mobile

Hey FilesMobile Fans!
Today we want to take a minute and talk to you about a feature or two that could possibly change your life:


With this fantastic feature, not only can you hand draw notes and shapes, but you can also convert an ink to text conversation! How it works is pretty simple- hand write your notes on your tablet or iPad, and with the simple click of a button convert it to perfectly precise and legible texts. How's that for convenient? Never be confused by a word that looks like something else ever again. That's FilesMobile- organization beyond your imagination!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Calendar & Address Book Features

Calendar & Address Book Features

Hey FilesMobile Fans!

No doubt you've been just as busy as we have, gearing up for the holidays and getting ready to launch our KickStarter program (remember- every donation is important in order to make FilesMobile a reality and no donation is too small!) but today we wanted to talk to you about a couple more of our awesome features guaranteed to make your life easier and more organized! 

Our easy to use calendar and address book integration features will enable you to coordinate and simplify your life into one place. You can add contacts to a shared note, notebook, file, or folder. This is very important for students and businesses that need to share documents, files, and specific notes! This app will act as a database so you can sync all your important contacts in case you ever need backup. Regarding notes, when you enter a date or time into a note, you will have the option to add this as an appointment to your calendar. How's that for smart thinking?

Remember, FilesMobile is created for you, to make your life just a bit more organized. We appreciate any input, suggestions or ideas you may have to make our app personalized to your organizational needs.

Until Next time, FilesMobile Fans!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


FilesMobile Free Storage Giveaway

filesmobile giveaway

Starting tomorrow for 10 days (11/21/2012-12/01/2012) FilesMobile will be running a contest! We are giving away 2GB OF FREE FILES STORAGE, added to the winner's account, for 1 year to for whoever submits a feature request worth blogging about.

You can submit your feature requests here:

FilesMobile Unread Count Feature

FilesMobile Unread Count Feature

Hey FilesMobile fans!

            As folks around the country get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, staying organized is a key thing on everyone’s mind. (At least, it should be!) With that said, don’t let the stress of this season get to you ever again with FilesMobile! In addition to the awesome features we’ve already talked about (like the SplitScreen, Creating PDFs, etc) today we wanted to talk to you about several very cool features that we hope you’ll love as much as we do!

        First we have something called “The Unread Count”. Like the name suggests, this feature lets you know there are unread messages in your inbox from friends, colleagues or associates. Just like with email, you will receive notifications when a new message appears in your inbox.

Next we have some Colored Flags. Instead of wasting paper (and creating clutter) with sticky notes denoting important tasks to be finished, simply choose any color flag you wish and prioritize items and tasks; however you see necessary, by importance, time deadlines, whatever you wish! Sometimes colors help things stand out, which can only help keep you on top of deadlines and strengthen your organizational skills! In addition to colored flags, we have the “custom sort” option, which allows you to sort your information based on time, titles, dates, ideas, or any other creative heading of your choosing.

That’s it for today fans! Thanks for checking us out and don’t forget about our KickStarter campaign, which launches in just a few short weeks! Remember, no donation is too small and every donation you give helps us get closer to turning FilesMobile from just an idea to a revolutionary reality which YOU will be a part of! We can’t do it without your help or support!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FilesMobile & Split Screen

FilesMobile Split Screen Feature

Hello Folks!

We’ve been really busy here at FilesMobile! As we get ready to roll into the holiday season, there’s only one month left until the long awaited launch of our KickStarter campaign, please don’t forget to save up for your KickStarter donations! No amount is too small and every donation gets us one step closer to launching FilesMobile- an app that will make organizing your lives a million times easier.

Not only will your donations enable us to make FilesMobile a reality, but you’ll be rewarded for your awesome, generous acts of karma. So why not take advantage this season and help us make FilesMobile the hottest new app on the market? Its true- money tends to be tight this time of year, but if you think about it, by donating to our campaign you’re really gifting yourself.

Think about it, you will save countless hours typically spent searching for papers, when instead you can have more time to do things you actually WANT to do! And more importantly, long gone are the days of lugging around folders upon folders notes and overstuffed day planners!  So this year, why not give yourself the gift of organization by putting aside a bit this check and next to help us help you keep your life well organized!

Now, onto SplitScreens!

  For iPad, Android and Windows Mobile Tablets (in landscape mode) there is a feature known as the SplitScreen feature. What makes this so awesome is that it allows you to view a PDF on your tablet while simultaneously able to take notes on the same screen!!! (I know, right? You can’t find this anywhere else!)

Here’s how it works: Open desired PDF file from an email or the FileDrawer within the app. This allows you to take all the notes you want regarding the PDF.  In the near future, not only will you be able to have everything on one convenient screen, but you can also have the option of drawing an arrow from your notes to a place inside the PDF. When you go back to review your notes, click the note link and the app will redirect you to the place in the PDF that is being referred to.

This is perfect for seminars, lectures, college classes and anything else where more than one thing needs to be referenced at the same time. If you can think of ways to make it better, we’d certainly be open to hearing about it. Feel free to visit our FeaturesRequest Page and leave comments, opinions, notes, and any other ways you think FilesMobile can be improved to fit your specific organizational needs.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get Organized with FilesMobile App

How many times a day do you find yourself searching for important papers that you “swore were just here a second ago!”? Do you put things in odd places specifically so that you’ll remember them, only to end up somehow hiding them from yourself in the process? (I know I’ve been there!) If this sounds like you then keep reading, as the following text could prove to be life changing as well as seriously important!

windows, android os, ipad, iphone, windows mobile os, mac, blackberry osWhat if someone told you there was an app that could pretty much organize your life for you? Think about it- no more searching through stacks of stuff looking for one specific thing. All your projects, papers, even your financial information; everything that you need could be found in one convenient app easily accessible at your fingertips! It sounds so crazy, but its true- FilesMobile can take everything you commonly misplace and keep it perfectly organized in one convenient app for your iPad, tablet, even your smartphone! Wondering about all the platforms we will support? Windows, Android OS, iPad, Iphone, Windows Mobile OS, Mac, and Blackberry OS
As insanely busy as life is these days, not only will you save massive amounts of time searching for notes, schedules, or files but also it’ll reduce the amount of clutter you even need to carry with you!
Lets be honest- sometimes life gets in the way and papers get lost in the shuffle. With FilesMobile, long gone will be the days of rooting through all your stuff searching for one specific thing! And with the holidays approaching, who couldn’t use more quality time with friends and family instead of searching, reworking lost papers and organizing clutter that will ultimately just get horribly disorganized in a few minutes anyway? If you have just one too many things to keep track of, this app is perfect for you- so get FilesMobile and get your life back!